Concrete Raising also  known as "slab jacking or mudjacking" are all terms that refer to the process of lifting an object such as a driveway, sidewalk, or porch by pumping a slurry mixture, known as mud, underneath the concrete to raise and stabilize the existing structure. 


Price Match Guarantee

To be eligible for price match guarantee, you must submit the competitor's bid to the office and your estimate must qualify under the following terms.  

1. Identical to the competitor's product. The estimate must be matching in product used to raise concrete and/or crack repair bids. Also referred to as Mudjacking or Slabjacking with any Cement/ Stone mixture. We do not use Polyurethane foam or Sand. The areas and concrete slabs to be raised and/or repaired are the same. 

2. Local competitor's bid. The estimate service address must be within 30 miles of South Holland, IL 60473.

3. Concrete Raising and Crack Repair only bids. Exclusion to our price match guarantee are including but not limited to Helical Piers, Wall Anchors, Waterproofing, and the installation of sm. piers estimates.

Note: There is a 3% convenience fee to pay with your credit card on any price match guaranteed or other discounted estimates. 


Benefits of Concrete Raising :

  • Cost Efficient-Save 75% in replacement costs
  • Safety- Eliminates tripping hazards
  • Create a positive water pitch from your property- Help eliminate puddles and water issues near your foundation
  • More aesthetically pleasing- Landscaping will not be disturbed either
  • Time Efficient- Usually done in the same day and dries in hours