Foundation REPAIR

Are you are looking for someone to install helical piers, need an estimate, or want additional information? The professionals at Ken-Rich Concrete Lifting are ready to help. We have a variety of solutions including our Helical Pier and Wall Tie-Back Systems. 

We have a worldwide patent on the helical piering bracket, Tru-Lift, and we are fully licensed, insured, and certified through Pier-Tech Systems, LLC.  

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helical Piers

Helical Piers, also called anchors or screw piles are deep foundation solutions used to secure new or repair existing foundations from vertical movement or sinking. They are threaded into the ground which minimized installation time and transfers weight to load bearing soil instead of unstable soil and at the same time lifting your foundation back to its original position.  

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wall tie-backs

The system is a property owner's alternative to completely removing and rebuilding basement walls that have become cracked, leaning or bowed as a result of pressures exceeding the allowable design capacity of the wall. Whether you have a concrete block, clay, poured concrete, timber or stone wall, this versatile system will work for you. 

Watch video below to see how Helical Piers with the Tru-Lift bracket are installed to repair a sinking foudantion.



  • Cracks in drywall on walls and ceiling
  • Doors that stick
  • Gaps between walls and ceilings
  • Nails that are coming out of the drywalls
  • Windows that are not square or are sticking
  • Floors that are cracked or not level
  • Gaps between walls and floors


  • Cracks in the masonry
  • Gaps between bricks and windows
  • Bricks leaning away from garage doors
  • Gaps between fireplace and house
  • Sagging roof line
  • Doors that stick